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The Rannoch Explorer is the creation of adventurer Charlie Pitcher, founder of Rannoch Adventure, the world’s #1 ocean rowing company based in Essex.The company has designed and built over 60 ocean boats to date and over 50 Guinness World Records have been given to Rannoch crews for ocean crossings.

Charlie recognised that not everyone has the opportunity or desire to spend months at sea crossing an ocean so it was only a matter of time before he came up with the ultimate rowing boat for shorter trips.

"I’ve always dreamed of making this special rowing boat a reality. We just needed to clock up enough miles and experience to understand what sort of boat would suit everyone, not just a small bunch of high octane ocean rowing adventurers. Hail the Explorer! I am really excited about the opportunities this high performance, stable, affordable boat offers anyone keen on getting out on the open water.

We put our entire focus on just the one sport and, being based in Burnham on Crouch, we have access to the water 24/7 - critical when it comes to testing boats and letting our clients try our their new boats. Almost all of the trade that is involved with the construction of Rannoch boats is local to Burnham itself - something I am extremely proud of."

Charlie Pitcher

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The Rannoch Explorer Team

Charlie Pitcher - Rannoch Adventure
Charlie Pitcher

Founder and Director

My Bio

Charlie’s background lies within professional sailing having competed as a youngster in the America’s Cup and winning the Admiral’s Cup twice thereafter.

Charlie’s sea going focus has shifted towards specialising in Ocean rowing. In 2009, he single-handedly beat all other solo and pairs boats to win the Woodvale Challenge Atlantic Rowing Race.

This feat was surpassed in 2013 when he broke the world record for the fastest un-assisted solo row across the Atlantic by almost 6 days. Both crossings were completed in Rannoch designs.

In his spare time Charlie is an avid ultra-runner and sailing coach to a number of local sailing clubs.

Charlie built his first dinghy when he was 12 years old, became a master carpenter and joiner and has been building boats continually throughout his life. Today, not only does he take on serious rowing campaigns, but is also involved in every single new build and refurbishment project.

Phil Morrison - Rannoch Adventure
Nicola Douglas

Business Development Manager

My Bio

Nicola joined the Rannoch Team in January 2019 to help out on various projects. She has a sales and marketing background and is working on various areas of the business including all things Explorer, the Rannoch Roxy programme, brokerage and advertising and PR.

Although not an experienced rower, Nicola and her family own a Corsair Trimaran and enjoy leisurely sailing on the River Orwell during the summer months.

Sports and the outdoors are Nicola’s great loves, in particular tennis, hockey, cycling and wild camping. She also loves photography.

Lizzie Brown - Rannoch Adventure
Lizzie Brown

Office Manager

My Bio

Lizzie Brown keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes at Rannoch HQ. No stranger to the water, Lizzie has been sailing all her life.

As well as having many hours of offshore and dinghy racing under her belt, Lizzie was an RNLI helmsman for over 15 years.

She is also the mother of a record-holding Atlantic rower!

Although not a rower herself, Lizzie remains very active in the sailing world, often seen racing her Corby racing yacht "Intense" on the East Coast. Lizzie has years of coaching experience and shared her passion of the water with many of the youngsters in the town with the aim of creating “sailors for life”. She was involved for many years as "safety" at club and national level for dinghy sailing, and is always happy to share her experiences on this.

Mike Wood - Rannoch Adventure
Mike Wood

Production Manager

My Bio

Mike has overseen, built, fitted out and refurbished over 50 ocean rowing boats.

Prior to being involved in ocean rowing, Mike has been responsible for building and finishing off a number of medal winning boats for the Beijing, Athens, Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics. These included Shirley Robertson and her team's Gold medal, as well as having all three podium positions at the Beijing Olympics.  

Mike is the man who ensures that our boats are 100% safe before leaving the workshop, as well as introducing new and innovative ideas to all of our boats.

Mike manages to combine two of the most time consuming hobbies. If he is not playing with boats, he'll be busy looking after his horses.

Phil Morrison - Rannoch Adventure
Rachel Parsons

Office Assistant

My Bio

Rachel works alongside Mike & Lizzie keeping the workshop administration under control. She oversees purchase orders and stock control and makes sure the right parts are in the right place at the right time.

Rachel grew up in Burnham on Crouch and loves the outdoor life the town provides. Although she hasn't as much boating experience as many of the other members of the team, she has learnt very quickly.

Rachel is eternally positive and never fails to bring a ray of sunshine into the Rannoch work place!  

Phil Morrison - Rannoch Adventure
Gary Scroggs

Electrical Engineer

My Bio

Gary has been working with Rannoch for just over four years but officially joined the team in March 2019. With his expertise and hours of hard work being poured into every boat, no one knows our boats and how to fit the parts we use better than him!

Despite being an electrician for his day job, Gary can’t help but tinker around with other electronic projects in his spare time at home too. He also enjoys flying model aeroplanes and playing the drums.

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