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All you need to know ... and watch the Explorer in action

  • Suitable for anyone and everyone – no specialist training required.
  • High performance – with topsides to expel the larger waves in choppy conditions yet light enough to cut through the water at an astonishing pace.
  • Easy to repair – a unique feature for lightweight rowing boats - after a bad knock, the Explorer can easily be repaired anywhere in the world.
  • Stability - capable of stability in choppy waters but robust and easy to handle.
  • Good looks – a polished gelcoat gives a fantastic finish with intricate detailing.
  • Space - designed for one or two people and has enough storage space for a tent, camping kits and a large dry bag.
  • Affordability – no more expensive than a quality mountain bike!
  • Mobility – the Explorer is easily managed by 2 people and comes with its own unique mobile wheel cradle for launching and moving around. A single boat can be lifted onto a car roof rack by 2/3 people or up to 8 boats can be stacked onto a road trailer.
  • Easy to store - at just over 5 metres long, it doesn’t take up much storage space.

Unique design, manufacture and performance

The Explorer has been created by Rannoch Adventure's founder, Charlie Pitcher, and world renowned naval architect Phil Morrison.
With its GRP construction and a polished gelcoat finish, the Explorer is lighter and cheaper than injection moulded boats and, as a result, has significantly superior and more exciting performance and handling characteristics.
The Explorer has a very practical and comfortable layout with shaped riggers, a large waterproof compartment for dry storage, and is suitable for solo or pairs rowers. There are three rowing stations which ensure the boat is always balanced, regardless of whether it is used as a solo or pair’s boat.

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Technical Specifications

No. of rowing positions
One or two
Width of hull / width with riggers
92cm / 175cm
Length on water line
Width on water line
Height (for crating)
Hull weight / Boat weight
52kgs / 65kgs
Maximum load
Average speed
5kts +
Price (incl. VAT, ex-works)
£4,995 (solo)     £6,495 (pair's)

Standard Features & Optional Extras

Standard features
  • GRP hull & anodised aluminium riggers
  • Launching wheels
  • Sliding seat(s)
  • Recreational oars (1 pair for solo boat, 2 pairs for pair’s boat)
  • Adjustable foot board and straps
  • Two watertight storage compartments  
Optional extras (see BUY NOW page for details)
  • Additional set of oars £399
  • Seat Pad £20
  • Anchor set £50
  • GPS (Garmin inReach Explorer) £460 (excludes airtime costs)
  • Technical performance clothing (see BUY NOW page for full details)
Lead times & delivery

Please allow 28 days from when an order is placed and payment made to when the boat is ready for collection or shipping.  

Boats can be either collected from Rannoch Adventure in Essex or shipped. In order for us to quote for shipping, please send us your delivery address.

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